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On the joy of being "underpowered"

I decided to update the mods on my BG install and start a new character, Maeri - a NG halfling cleric/thief. (Yes, I used tweaks to allow for that). I managed to get a high roll, but I spent most of the points in WIS, CON, and DEX, so she lacks a bit in the strength department. However, that's an aside to the tale.

After the events in the forest where she finds herself all alone, she meets up with Imoen, and then Xzar and Montaron. Rather than push it, the party decided to head straight to FAI to find Jaheira and Khalid. Which, of course, is where the second ambush happened.

The party got hit with sleep almost instantly, putting Maeri, Imoen, and Xzar on the ground. Only Montaron was left to fight, and to his credit, he did a fair amount of damage before he fell. Xzar was next, as a single MM wiped out his meager 4 HP. Fortunately, the guards were all over the creep, and took out the assassin before he could finish Imoen or Maeri.

And then the two survivors just laid there for another round. The guards all went back to their posts, while Maeri and Imoen got some sun. Rather than reload, I let it ride. The party had come across a diamond, and Maeri had found a bit of gold herself before the trip, but not enough to raise the two dead party members.

So, they went ahead and climbed up to the inn to find their contacts. With Jaheira and Khalid in the party, Maeri, herself a thief, took Imoen to attempt a raid on the inn. Unfortunately, NEITHER of them had enough skill in lockpick, but they did find enough stuff laying around to afford the services of the local cleric. After hocking everything they didn't need, they ran next door to raise Xzar and Monty - though not with full health.

After a night's rest, they started the trek south to Nashkel, where they almost got done in again by hobgoblins. Finally, after a skirting along the edge of the forest, and well away from the road itself, they reached Nashkel. Once more, they hocked everything they had found and bought some new armor. Which made the third ambush go a bit better. That time, no one in the party died. However, having fulfilled their obligation, the party let Xzar and Montaron go at the inn.

I sometimes forget how exciting starting new characters from scratch can be, but this was a fun romp in BG.



  • monicomonico Member Posts: 537
    If you like that feeling, I suggest you try poverty and/or Legacy of Bhaal runs :wink:

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 537
    Well, that's true, and that's why I prefer BG1 to the rest of the saga. Each new gear, each lvl up feels so important :wink:

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