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Character Presitge Classes aren't working.

I play on the Arelith PW, and it's been great! A while back I started a Paladin and was building towards a Divine Champion, only to find out after meeting all the requirement, I couldn't choose it! After some testing, it seems the classes on the PW aren't using the requirements of the server, but of the base game! Divine Champion requires a weapon focus in something like longsword, or dagger. But, the weapon focus feat in Arelith are changed a bit to be "Weapon focus, one handed edged" or "weapon focus Two handed", so they're not working. This limits most of the prestige classes, like Weapon Master, Divine Champion, Arcane Archer. Other classes like Blackguard (with the requirements of any evil, +6 AB) could only be taken after taking three levels of monk, and 5 points of hide.

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