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The Road to 2.6

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Greetings Adventurers!

Join us on the road to 2.6. There are tons of fixes and improvements, and we want to make sure the 2.6 patch will be a great experience for everyone before we release it. This patch brings some heavy-duty code changes to the Infinity Engine games, including a switch from 32-bit to 64-bit and upgrading code libraries. Since these are big we want to make sure everyone's devices work before we move on to testing all the in-game fixes.

... But first, some ground rules.

Ground Rules
  • Back up your save games!
  • Don't test too much. While you're free to explore the whole game, please focus on the objective. Once you hit the objective or a major bug, report your feedback and stop playing the beta for now. We'll be back with more test objectives that we hope you'll take on in the future.

Objective #2: Windows & MacOS Saved Games Test (Duration: 15 min)
  • Can you load existing saves on Windows and MacOS?
  • Can you create new saves on Windows and MacOS?

    How to Participate
    1. Launch Steam
    2. Right-click on Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and select Properties...
    3. Select the BETAS tab
    4. Select the road_to_2.6 from the drop-down to opt in to the Beta
    5. Close the Properties dialog
    6. Steam will automatically update your copy of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition to the 2.6 Beta
    7. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Once you've tested loading and creating save games, report your feedback!

    Testers will receive exclusive forum badges and our eternal gratitude for their efforts.

    Finished testing? Report your results here!
    Previous Test Objectives
    Objective #1: Hardware Compatibility Test (Duration: 10min)
    • Can you launch Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition on your device?
    • Do the graphics display correctly?
    • Do you hear sounds?
    • Does the music play?

    • Windows devices launch successfully.
    • We are working on macOS and Linux launch issues.

    2.6 has been a long time in the making, and we’re incredibly grateful for your support and patience. At the end of this journey we’ll be launching 2.6 updates on Steam, GOG, Beamdog Client, iOS, and Android for the following titles:
    • Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition
    • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition
    • Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear
    • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
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