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Do NPCs gain experience when they aren't in a group?

I never paid attention to this before but I want to move Yoshimo out of my group so I have room for Anomen, but I want to make use of Yoshimo's pickpocketing abilities later because they suck right now.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 869
    Recruitable NPCs don't generally gain XP while out of the party.

    There is a one-time trigger that gives NPCs "catch-up" experience. It normally fires when then NPC joins the party for the first time, but it can be delayed if they start with enough XP to be in the same bracket as the protagonist.

    Also, if you want a pickpocketing thief, try Jan. Or feed whatever thief you're using a bunch of master thievery potions (they stack). Yoshimo has the worst pickpocketing skills of any of the thief NPCs you can recruit.

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