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V2.5.17.0 Windows 10 Crash

I have been playing BG:EE on my computer lately with no issues. My computer crashed and had unrelated problems which required that I restore my Windows 10 to default. I Re-downloaded from Steam and now the game won't load. The EXE file starts and then almost immediately I get a "There was an error, A crash report was saved to: .... Please contact [email protected]

I am unable to open the crash report file to see what the issue is. I have tried searching these forums but don't see anything other than the discussion back in 2016 about forced update. I have been running this game on Win 10 for years with no issue.

Again, literally on Monday the game worked fine. On Wednesday, my computer crashed. After a Win 10 restore, now the game won't run. Any suggestions welcome.

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