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Errors w/ Toolset and Steam

jingajojingajo Member Posts: 4
Hey all - Im having a couple of issues and i hope someone can help me. I've searched and can find nothing.

1) NWN will not launch from Steam. I get a small black box over the steam message that Steam "Preparing to Launch..." It will sit there and nothing will happen. I can, however, launch the game w/ the .exe file in the directory. It will sit there FOREVER. I let it sit for hours over the weekend.

2) The toolset occasionally corrupts my personal mods. I will get a "Cannot Load Module File May be Corrupt" Ive made a module with one default area and this still happens. I cant duplicate it. its random.

3) When I can launch a module that was made by me, either from the toolset or the main menu, I cannot select a premade character. Creating a new character gives me no options except gender - everything else is blank.

I have no idea how to even begin to trouble shoot this. Thanks for any insight.


  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 136
    This sounds like some user directory issues.

    When looking at funkiness like this, the first impulse most people have is to reinstall the game. However, since the installation folder is pretty uniform and doesn't need editing, most people have the same files everyone else does, but has problems nobody else does. Deleting them and downloading them is not usually an answer.

    What you should do for a sanity check is hide your user directory. Without a user directory, the game is just the installation, which is just like a freshly installed game again. By finding your Documents\Neverwinter Nights folder, renaming it to something like NWNold, and launching the game (through Steam if you need to re-fetch your cd key for this new directory), nwmain.exe sees no Neverwinter Nights folder in Documents, no nwn.ini to check to look for game folders, no settings.tml to tell it how to open a game window, etc, and creates all of those things, based on default values.

    If THAT works, then that means there's an issue with the folder you were using to play. To launch NWN, nwmain.exe might have checked your settings.tml to choose the resolution, window position, etc, and if settings.tml is bad, then the process fails before there's even a window.

    The toolset uses fewer files in the user directory (it has no use for the /saves folder for instance), so the fact that it works, but with issues, may hint at another problem.

    There seem to be players here and there that use Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage system, which volunteers to remove the files in the Documents folder from your computer, to save you drive space, put placeholders in the folders, and download the files when you try to open them. This will horribly break NWN, which needs access to files, immediately, and if it doesn't find them, will try to make new ones. OneDrive in such a configuration will prevent NWN from both Reading from, writing to, as well as creating replacement files with the filenames NWN is setup to use.

    My best advice is to resolve your issues before engaging in the half that seems to work. If the game doesn't work but the toolset does, the toolset may only half work, without your wherewithal, and you'll want to make sure that the game is running as intended before investing in personal creations in the toolset.

  • jingajojingajo Member Posts: 4
    Hi - thanks for getting back to me1

    Tried all the above - all the issues are still there, i have no idea what to do :(

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