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Q about Kangaxx in SCS

Why does Spellstrike not remove all his protections?

Do I need to cast something before Spellstrike to get rid of his defenses?


  • lollerslollers Member Posts: 38
    I get him with a ruby ray followed by a breach.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 869
    edited July 31
    There is only one reason for Spellstrike to not remove all protections - that caster had a Spell Shield active, which sacrificed itself to protect everything else.

    Cast any of the protection removers, from Spell Thrust up to Spellstrike or even Breach, first. That trades with the Spell Shield. Then cast Spellstrike to remove everything else.

    Oh, and other people's specific experiences with Kangaxx aren't terribly relevant here. SCS chooses spell selections for its casters at install time, so each mage's protections will be different for different people. The only way to know what's up, really, is to pay close attention to the combat log.

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  • fncruzfncruz Member Posts: 26
    He apparently cast Immunity from Abjuration which nullifies the Spellstrike.

    What brings down Immunity from Abjuration?

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 869
    edited July 31
    Immunity from Abjuration does not apply to spell-protection removers, and also doesn't stop a character from buffing themself with abjuration spells. Spellstrike will get rid of it just like everything else. So will Spell Thrust. Any of the other spells in the line, from Secret Word to Pierce Shield, will remove an instance of Spell Immunity if it's the highest-level protection active. As I said, the only thing that stops Spellstrike is Spell Shield.

    The one thing abjuration immunity really protects from ... dispel magic and remove magic.

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