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Jaheira Dead on Discovery in Troll Claw Woods - Can the Chapter still be completed?

I like to reload as little as possible, so wanted to see what my options are here. I do have the saved game to avoid all of this from happening, but I wanted to see my options first if I could just play through.

Basically, Jaheira and Voghlin got attacked by trolls and were killed. I was somewhere in the southeast portion of Troll Claw Woods and got dialog about it, but couldn't find them in time. It was just their corpses and their inventory by the time i showed up.

Now, I know Jaheira provides exposition and kind of points you in the right direction, but I do have Forest of Wyrms as an accessible location, so figuring I can still retrieve the wardstone and teleport in and do all of that.

But is that right? I've only played through SOD once before and don't remember the details. Will having Jaheira out of the picture still allow me to complete SOD?



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    Jaheira and Voghlin aren't required. You should be fine.
  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 130
    Hey thank you for the response. Yes I got through the chapter just fine without them. Jaheira being dead never came up in conversation with Khalid (lol), who I eventually added to my party.

    Also did some testing and found it interesting that you can apparently just go directly north from Troll Claw, immediately attack the Crusader camp, and eventually the FF shows up automatically, and you can just force-start the next Chapter basically...bypassing Ruined Temple, all the Bridgefort quests, etc.

    People say SOD is linear but it's not THAT linear considering a large portion of the content is very much optional.
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