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If NWN EE + SoU + HoU = More stuff in Toolset to play with???

I am curious, I have all the expansions and DLC for NWN EE. I also have the Diamond copy...etc.

I have everything running well, and pretty happy now that I figured out how to rebuild my huge mod in the new toolset....

But, I am not convinced that there is any additional content in the toolset, that one would expect? But I don't see anything to indicate there is additional haks, erfs, etc...

Am I missing something? Don't get me wrong, there is plenty in the main tool box to play with, but it would be nice to have some more monsters to play with.

I downloaded the CEP2 complete package, and started to load it up, but when I ran the verification, it through tons of errors... so I will be adding haks one at a time. Currently I have the ship interior and werewolf haks only.

Any and all help is appreciated! This community is amazing!!!

Thanks all!


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 791
    Out of the box, the toolset has all the builder content from OC, SoU and HotU plus a lot of material from WCoC and PotSC. Was there something specific you think is missing?

    With CEP2, it's safe and strongly advisable to install all of the haks (except the optional ones that you don't want). Before doing so, to suppress spurious error messages, in the toolset go to Build > Build Module then uncheck everything except Compile and Scripts.

    If you do use CEP2 (which is great), you won't automatically see any of the 2da changes Beamdog have made since 1.69. For most purposes, that isn't a problem at all. If you are using Development Build 8193.14 onwards, you won't automatically see the new creatures, placeables etc with CEP2. This isn't necessarily an issue (most of the placeables are already in CEP2, thanks to the past generosity of Ossian Studios) but if it matters, you can merge the 2da files in a top hak (as explained in the Custom Content Guide on the Vault).

  • SmithoresSmithores Member Posts: 10
    Thank you so much Proleric! All helpful information! You answered my question. To answer your question, I was hoping to see more monsters in the palette, but I feel like they are the same set I have always seen.

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 791
    Until very recently, Beamdog didn't add new monsters or similar artwork.

    As of Development Build 8193.14, there are some new creatures. To see them in a CEP module, you need to merge the new appearance.2da with the CEP2 appearance.2da in a top hak.

    This has no impact on players, of course. Monsters don't appear in a module until a builder puts them there.

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