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Need help updating project from 1.69 to 1.74

Hey all,

I'm not sure where I'm going wrong here. User ImTheRealThing on the Vault wants to use my old Grimoire spells project in EE. I figured it shouldn't be a big deal, and yet it blows up in the toolset compiler and nwnsc on scripts that 1.69 handles just fine (nwnsc compiles it fine with the -m 1.69 switch). The funny thing is they give different errors for the same line.

NWNSC is trying to tell me that constant declarations in one of my include files already exist in nwscript.nss. I used nwnexplorer to export the 1.74 version of nwscript.nss - they don't exist in the file.

The toolset compiler, for the same constant definition, is telling me GR_IC_DOMAINS.nss(18): ERROR: FUNCTION DEFINITION MISSING NAME. The line in question at 18 is:

It's not a function definition, so I'm not sure what it's trying to scream about. Aside from one include directive, the constant is the first non-comment line in the file. I've gone through the various includes from the main script file and there are no circular references.

What gives?


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