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Items not working

I've been playing through NWN recently (the first time in EE). I beat SOU without issue, and now I'm in chapter 2 of HotU. However, I seem to have some sort of error with my save files—most items don't work! Nothing equipped actually does anything. (It's easy enough to equip, say, a belt of agility +4 and see that my character's Dex score hasn't gone up. Also, I can't use many (but not all) items. For example, I can use bandages just fine, but if I right-click on a potion, the djinni bottle, etc., I don't even get the "use" icon; I only see look, drop, and, oddly, cast.

But wait, there's more! Container items such as bags of holding still hold stuff, but they no longer reduce the weight of the item. Even stranger is that the descriptions of these items no longer say by how much they should reduce the weight of items.

OK, on a whim I just checked that belt of agility +4—you guessed it, its description no longer says it adds +4 to Dex.

Any idea how this might have happened? It's affected my quicksave and all of my backup saves as well. The only thing at all that I may have done was open the console and enable max hp on level up, but I don't know how that would affect this.

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