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Cleric in SOU can't use cleric scrolls

Playing SOU with a pure cleric, now level 6. All scrolls except general purpose (like Restoration) have a red border and can't be used. My character has 14 INT, 17 WIS, and can cast Dispel Magic from the spell book, but can't use a Dispel Magic scroll (as just one example).

Character is not multiclassed, does not have anything unusual. Domains: Trickery & Strength.

NWN:EE on Macbook

Known problem? Is there a fix?


  • RohomildRohomild Member Posts: 18
    I think that some scrolls can only be used by certain classes, so you might have to multiclass a level in wizard. Here is a chart of what class can use what scrolls.

  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 320
    edited September 20
    Scrolls have some odd behaviors in NWN. If you open the toolset, the cleric is listed as a class that can use the dispel magic scroll. The original campaigns, though, have been in rot status for two decades, never receiving standard updates. If they ever fixed the dispel magic scroll to work properly, it's never been updated to the OCs. The lexicon that @Rohomild linked shows the classes and levels that can cast the spells, but I don't see anywhere that it shows who can use what scrolls. In many cases, spells have divine versions and arcane versions, though they do the same thing. For unknown reasons, Bioware further complicated things by making separate tags for a good number of spells and abilities that do the same thing and even have the same name. Though a lot of scrolls should be able to be used by multiple classes, they did things wrong and mismanaged a lot of them. It's quite likely that, in this case, the dispel magic scroll was mistagged as arcane only.

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