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Merchant BG2 Items

For some reason there's a merchant who appears to be selling BG2 items standing at the back of the Kuldahar smithy, but all of the items and dialogue are bugged. His name pops up as 'INVALID; 41013' and all the items have bugged descriptions. I've used House Rules and Tweak Pack mods but nobody else seems to be having the same issue online. Does anyone know how this might have happened and how to get it fixed?


  • inethineth Member Posts: 606
    edited August 2020
    The House Rules mod adds Doluv, a merchant selling BG2 items, to the smithy.
    (The mod works fine for me.)

    Something must have gone wrong in your installation.

    Did you maybe select the wrong game language when you started installing mods?

    The first time you install a mod in a clean IWD:EE game folder, it asks you which game language should be affected by mods. (You can only pick one.)
    After that, all mods that you install only affect that game language. You must play the game in that language, otherwise text added by the mods won't show up and you'll see "INVALID" or incorrect strings.

    If you don't remember which language you chose, you can find it in the file called weidu.conf inside the game folder (the same folder that contains chitin.key).
    If you chose to let mods affect the English language game texts, that file contains the line:
    lang_dir = en_us

    If you chose the wrong language, the only way to fix it is to uninstall the mods, then delete the weidu.conf file, and then reinstall the mods (and this time choose correctly when it asks you to choose the language).

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