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[Infinite Dungeons] It lags when the statistics is being updated

Ian579Ian579 Member Posts: 239
edited September 2020 in Technical Support
This issue did not exist at the beginning of the game. But after I explored 3 or 4 areas, the game started to lag for about 0.3 to 1 second every time things like these happen:
  • An enemy is killed
  • A lock is picked
  • A secret door is discovered
  • A quest is completed

And when I killed a group of enemies with an AOE spell, the lag can last for about 3 to 5 seconds.

I think it is very likely caused by the statistics being updated. I know that because every time one of those things happens, the combat log shows the updated statistics in yellow text telling me my total points or the status of a quest.

Here are some examples of statistics text shown in the combat log when such a lag occurs:
Creatures Killed: 750
(Creature Killed) Point Award: 5
Point Total: 8025
Experience Points Gained: 10

Secrets Discovered: 8
(Secret Discovered) Point Award: 50
Point Total: 8075

Locks Picked: 22
(Lock Picked) Point Award: 80
Point Total: 8290

Acquired 500GP
Experience Points Gained: 500
Your character has gained enough experience to advance a level.
Plot reward for using the Statue.

So far, I had finished the original campaign, SoU, HotU, King Maker, ShadowGuard, Witch's Wake, and PotSC, and did not encounter this issue in those games.

Please check the issue. Playing with such lags is not enjoyable. :(

Update: I had now advanced to the second dungeon and seen the same issue. The game worked fine at first, and the same lags started to occur during my exploration in the 4th area.

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