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Planescape Torment: patched?

Jxno1Jxno1 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
I picked up Planescape Torment for ps4, and i have yet to really get into it due to the backlog of other CRPGs i'm currently playing. I am part of the GWU and I really love all the games yall make. But i really am hoping the crashes are fixed by the time i get around to playing this. I watched several videos and podcasts discussing that this game was essentially broken. I mean i would love to see Planescape get the Fallout FPS treatment by the studio that made pathalogic or something, but more like ff7 style remake wherien prehaps things are conveyed differntly with mroe cut scenes and live action dialogue doesnt have to be the same story per se, but wouldn't mind. anyway i know tht's off subject from what i'm talking about but I really love yalls game and i just want it to work for this generation so that its possible more things will come from this ip, in the CRPG genre in general, and more folks will be interested in games like Disco Elysium and the brilliant wasteland 3. yall rock, much love, solidarity!- Jae Em Carico

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