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Tool to Extract NPCs?

Excuse me Please:

is there a tool, or technique where one can view (for the purpose of recreation) or actually extract an NPC, their exact class, stats, package, etc. to create a PC similar to those that have been downloaded in the past, i.e. Nathyrra, Valsharess, Deekin, et al.?
(though have yet to find Lord Nasher, Aarin Gend, Heurodis & Haedraline to name a few)

while I am aware of Leto; this cobbling together "a" PC does not equal the original setup of the as-developed-by-Bioware NPC in question. (unless of course there is documentation for class/stats/gear/etc. for said NPCs somewhere.)
I am attempting to preserve the originality of the NPC,.. does this make sense?

is there a way to accomplish this?

Thank you for the time taken to reply.


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 933
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    If you copy the OC modules to the modules subfolder in Documents, then rename them from .nwm to .mod, you can open them in the toolset. The NPC templates, which give all that detail, are viewable under Creatures on the right-hand side, once you open any area. There is a Toolset Manual on if you need help.

    As for turning them into a PC, probably Leto is the quickest method. I guess it could be automated as a moneo script, but there's a steep learning curve unless you're familiar with it.
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  • CeyarrecksCeyarrecks Member Posts: 44
    Thank you Proleric for the info; while I did not find any "Documents" folder, I did find .mwm files in %\Never-EE\00785\data\nwm\ folder.
    But the .com site referenced does not exist; However, I was able to find:

    NWN HoTU Toolset Manual


    The Guide to Building Volume I – The Aurora Toolset Manual–-aurora-toolset-manual

    I will begin reading the .PDFs and reply here should I have any questions,...

  • CeyarrecksCeyarrecks Member Posts: 44
    THIS! yes, this is what I was looking for! so to have Accurate PCs :smiley:

    though on a side thought, I was not given the option to open any .mod files, this toolset allowed for opening of Campaign Modules (which of course, i will NOT save, just reading :smile: )
  • CeyarrecksCeyarrecks Member Posts: 44
    as an obvious question, where would one find the original age of NPCs via the ToolSet? while the voice actor and perceived experience(s) of say, Aarin Gend would suggest >40yo, is there anywhere this might be actually listed?
  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 933
    AFAIK original age is not defined for NPCs, nor is it used anywhere in the game.

    A very long shot - with the module open in the toolset, there will be a temp0 subfolder in the modules folder, containing all the templates. You can open the Arin Gend .utc file with a gff editor. This will show you all the hidden fields.

    Incidentally, the following may help you find your custom folders:

    PS apologies for the typo .com above which now reads .org.
  • CeyarrecksCeyarrecks Member Posts: 44
    ok, interesting find.
    for example, Aarin Gend, even at the end of the Campaign he is L17, but has like NO skills, next to no hit points, etc.
    (how a Master Spy can get anywhere with NO Hide, NO Move Silently, NO Persuade, etc, I have no idea ;) )
    so am using the Guide at:
    for Rogues, i.e. 8 Skill Points per Level, using RNG for # hp/level, etc. etc. to make an Level 17 approximate Rogue as Mr. Gend ought to have developed. :smile:
  • CeyarrecksCeyarrecks Member Posts: 44
    Thanks Proleric for the additional resource.
    I guess I was expecting too much from a Role. Playing. environment; That the NPCs would have been fully developed, regardless were they to ever see combat or use. But at least within the story-line there are also details. For example, Morag and Haedraline both having histories(descriptions) numbered in the order of ten thousand some odd years.

    Also seems kind of a waste, all the effort put into developing the NPCs, the voice acting, etc. and only have them seen momentarily in passing through the story-line. Having them as PCs I think is a better use of them. (Though kinda weird having Aarin Gendson talking to Aarin Gend ;) "hey Dad! I am going to kill Maugrim, Aribeth (the Fallen) and Morag now!" "You are ready my son. go!... That is my boy!" )

    (spoiler alert: the voice actress for both Haedraline & Morag are the same person. Not a gripe, just a detail, as she beautifully performs the hisses expected from a Reptilian and the pauses in speech expected of one who is wise & aged.)
  • CeyarrecksCeyarrecks Member Posts: 44
    Proleric, I obtained the GFF Editor, and attempted to search for the .utc file, and find I am not having any success: any ideas?
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