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Questions on romances for SoD; do they conflict? Do EE ones (Neera, etc) get mentioned later?

Topic. So for this, my first run intending to do all of the games, I am playing a Female Elf Archer, Neutral Good. in BG, I was all flirty with the monk, and I was debating seeing where that goes in SoD and BG 2, etc. Yet I messed up his items, and he doesn't have any of his unique gear here in SoD, which really hurts him this game (I don't have any console ways to add them back in either). I could flirt with the good captain for something different, but I'm worrying if that will mess things up later in BG 2. I don't think it would, but doesn't stop my brain from worrying lol.

So yea, just wondering if I have them both in my party, is there a conflict to romancing both? (That's a thing in BG 2 yes?)

And to confirm, is there any mention of SoD in BG 2 EE, if I flirt with (so and so) in SoD?


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