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Tasslehoff adventure time ....

BaldgeekBaldgeek Member Posts: 23
Every few years I get that wave high fantasy nostalgia that hits and one of my favorite go too fixes are the re-reading of the Dragonlance Chronicles. Old school ... yes, but its like catching up with friends you haven't seen in years (but in a good way ... not all awkward as we all know it can be in RL ;) ) and for anyone having read these you'll know what I mean. Now, within this particular Trilogy is my all time favorite troublemaker/ hero ... Tasslehoff Burrfoot! Now I'd been thinking of having a playthrough of BG:EE for sometime and then it hits me ... why not take Tasslehoff along ... what could go wrong?? ;) ... I mean once he meets Neera ... oh, wait maybe this may not be a good idea .... lol ... kidding ... this could very well be that RP playthrough of the ages :)

So, prepping for the play through and reading up on some Kenderish traits and bad habits, I ran across some old stat cards that came in the AD&D 2e Tales of the Lance boxed set back in the day and ta da!! there were his original stats ... and so I decided to run those ... though not sure how those lowish stats will play out ... that and stick with mainly staff and sling as his weapons, as there are no hoopaks to be found in and around Candlekeep ;) and also will be pumping up his Pickpocket ability 'cause ... well that's what he does ... he borrows ... alot ... anyways wanted to share my brainstorm and hopefully can periodically update you on his misad- ummm ... his heroic adventures :)


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