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Import from BG1 not working

I'm trying to import my regular edition GoG BG1 character into GoG BG2 enhanced but I can't get it to work. I exported the character and copied the .chr file into the BG2 character folder. Then I load up BG2 and choose new game then import character. My character is there and I click on him and click Done. Then everything is greyed out and I can't go further. It is supposed to go to the "Appearance" section but it doesn't. Is the .chr file corrupt or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help.


  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,563
    edited September 21
    I don't know about later versions but in 1.3 you need to copy and paste two files: cha. and bio.

  • FalkrynFalkryn Member Posts: 2
    I don't have any .bio files in BG1 folders. Can you only import Enhanced===>Enhanced? I'm trying to import an Original BG1 char into BG2 EE.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,105
    There are some pretty important differences between non-EE BG1 and any version of BG2 - a different proficiency system, for one. For any import to work, the system has to be aware of the difference in versions, so it can do things like reassigning proficiencies.

    A character file placed in the area for the game you're playing ... I have a feeling that the game assumes that it was created in that version, and skips any steps needed to bridge the version gap. No wonder it doesn't work.

    You might be able to import from the final BG1 save. If you can't, then the games are likely fully incompatible and you'll have to rebuild your character in the EE.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 11,712
    I'm fairly certain you can't import from non-ee to ee. The engine is quite a bit different.

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