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Role playing a (Totemic) druid

RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
How do you roleplay a Totemic druid ? Are there any quests that you refuse to do, because they mean breaking too much the balance ?
I started a playthrough a couple of days ago with a totemic druid and I try to stick to some principles. Although she is NG (I use Tweaks for that which allows to use the 3rd edition alignment rules for druids) she tries to match her actions with her ethos (which is pretty naive, but after all she just knows nature "theoretically" and has to discover its reality when outside Candlekeeps' walls). During the game she will perhaps evolve and change, harden herself to nature reality.
But for the moment, here are the rules I use:
- Kind of poverty run, for herself at least. Her companions can buy things but she tries to minimize this as much as possible
- No metals objects - it means max armor Leather and weapons Staffs, clubs and slings. No helmet (a druid with a helmet ???!!) and no rings (even the Sune ring)
- Quests (1): she refused to kill the rats in Candlekeep but agreed to help Landrin (spiders are CE which is a bit strange to me I would have thought theyr were neutral). I do not think that she will agree killing the sirines. After all, they are Neutral and it is true that it is their territory. BUT, the golems inside, well, this is an aberration, so perhaps they will go cleaning the cave but not hurting the sirines (this would mean mass invisibility before and after the cave, perhaps at higer level near the end of the playthrough)., I am not sure). Ankhegs: kill the minimum and agree to return poor Nathan's body.
- Spells: she always has one or to Charm animals ready just to charm and let the beast go. Of course, she won't kill the polar bear.
- Quests (2): she will not slaughter the xzvart village and the gibberlings with the paladin. But she will try to help Anabelle. I still do not know reagarding Seniyad and the Cloakwood spiders. For the former, I think that she will side with him, even if she would have prefered a peaceful solution (perhaps the best thing is to avoid this quest ? ). For the cloakwood spiders, since they are CE and they seem to be some kind of threat to the environment she may decide to help retrieve the poor boy's body. For the wyverns, I do not know - they are NE. FOr the basiliks, she will attack Mutamin and his beasts, but not the four ones in the lower part of the screen (Basiliks are neutral after all).

Of course, it is just a try, but interesting to try to balance between her ethos and the reality (that's what real life is btw ...).

I would be happy to receive inputs and feedbacks of players who have already played druids.
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  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 217
    Interesting perspectives. I can see NG totemic druid in the canon party. Imoen is the tag along little sister and on that basis the only justifiable thief companion. J&K are Gorions referrals and also sympathetic ethos as @thief mentioned. A fair argument for Minsc and Dynaheir with Minsc being a ranger and Rashemi people living a tribal lifestyle. J will be approving of many of your ethical decisions. Minsc might force you to act against your preference sometimes due to his persistent hero-ing.

    For a darker slant you could try an avenger PC with ranger Kivan and druid Faldorn as companions. Angries of the Sword Coast unite! I can't think of any other NPCs that mesh with this theme.
  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 7,269

    For a darker slant you could try an avenger PC with ranger Kivan and druid Faldorn as companions. Angries of the Sword Coast unite! I can't think of any other NPCs that mesh with this theme.

    Branwen would fit I think. She's on the feisty side!
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    @thief , @Very_BigSword , @Balrog99 - thank you very much for your advices ! And sorry for the delay in answering. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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