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SoD Import to BG2

So I'm not sure exactly how importing works for items. It seems like only items in your main characters primary inventory IE not in a bag/containers gets imported and that any items on a party member also don't get imported. Is that correct? Just want to make sure I have things set right.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439
    Yes, only the inventory/equipment of any characters you import are checked when deciding what gets imported. Containers are not checked, and the possessions of NPCs you didn't import aren't checked either. Even if they show up in BG2 like Minsc and Jaheira.

    You get three imports from pre-SoD BG1; a weapon, an armor, and an accessory. All are found in the starting dungeon, and you always get one of each even if your imported character(s) didn't have any of the possibilities.
    Many of the weapons you could import in this step, if you didn't get them immediately, show up somewhere in the SoA campaign.

    From SoD, there's a list of eleven items that can be imported. You get any number of them, from none to all. They appear in various places during the SoA campaign - and if you didn't have them on the imported character(s), you don't get them at all.

    The Shaman-specific SoD items are also added to BG2EE unconditionally, even if you don't have SoD.
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