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BG2 EE unmodded - Unavailable Locations in Chapter 6/7

JoburgJoburg Member Posts: 13
edited October 2 in Troubleshooting
I have a problem with unavailable locations. I attached two saves.
One is in chapter 6 before fighting Bodhi where I can not go to North Forest, although Small Teeth Pass works.
Should I be able to go to Forest of Tethir in Chapter 6? The guide implies this but leaves me confused about the "right order" for these areas.

The next save is in chapter 7 where I am able to leave Suldanesselar but not am able to return to it. Is this normal behaviour? I can travel back to the normal areas from Forest of Tethir, but then am not able to return. This can not be intended behaviour?

What I want is to know what of those problems is as intended and it would be cool, If someone could fix the Chapter 6 save so I can go to North forest.

Edit: After leaving Suldenesselar, teleporting myself with the console to North Forest, suddenly I can go to back to Forest of Tethir. Is this maybe the clue, Forest of Tethir not unlocking because North Forest is bugged?

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