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A horrendous trap, infinitely damaging for 1hp

virus_foundvirus_found Member Posts: 6
Hi there.

My familiar caught a trap somewhere in Dragon's Eye. It's been damaging it for 1 hp each round ever since.
I am sure it wasn't intended like that.

Reasons, why I can't get rid of the infinite damage, and what I've already tried:
- I play a solo sorcerer, hence I don't have such spells to cure it
- The familiar is Dust Mephit with 2hp regen per round, so it takes damage, regenerates it, repeat
- I can't use temple services on the familiar
- If I rest - the familiar dies, taking a lot of 1hp damages while sleeping
- If I put it in a backpack, the damage ceases, but then starts again, when I release the familiar

I wonder, what can be done here, since it's troublesome, that I have to put it in/out of the backpack each time before the sleep.

I attach a Savegame here.
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  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,888
    here you go, this should fix your problem
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,888
    somehow your mephit was diseased and apparently is immune to "cure disease" the irony
  • virus_foundvirus_found Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2020
    How did you fix it? Need to know what to do next time it happens :)
    Do you know, if this disease is really permanent?

    And I still wonder, if it's an intended behaviour or a bug.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,888
    i had to use near infinity to fix it

    first i tried using the console and summoned in a planetar but it's neutralize poison, lesser restoration and cure diseases weren't working and your imp is even immune to some of those spells apparently ( must be because it is of the "demon" subtype, for whatever reason in IWD demons and constructs are immune to healing type spells )

    then i tried using EE keeper, but your imp was no where to be found there

    and then luckily with NI there was 2 party options; actual party and other party members ( like summons and the such ) and bingo, there it was, under creature properties it had disease ( i am assuming it was from a trap, probably one of the traps that you stepped on just before reaching the area you are in now )

    and i assume it was set to permanent time because the time was set to something silly like -2364808 or some such, so i just set it to 1, which means the disease has a duration of 1 second and it is over

    so by the looks of it, keep your imp away from traps that can disease because apparently disease is permanent in IWD ( there will be more disease traps in the next area of dragon's eye that you are on and there are some in the severed hand as well i believe )

    if this happens again, there are 2 ways to fix;

    option 1; kill off familiar and use cheats to raise your CON up 1 again ( there are no other penalties for a familiar dying )


    option 2;
    open up near infinity, go to "Save" on the right,
    open it up, click on your saved game,
    then click on "BALDUR.GAM"
    then go to the right here it says "Non-player characters" and click on your familiar ( in this case; *AMDUST )
    then click on View/Edit at the bottom
    then at the top you will see a "CRE" click on that
    on that tab you will see "Effects" and what effects it has on, so for this example lets say it had disease again which would be Disease ( 78 ) click on that then View/Edit at that bottom
    Here will be all the information about the disease that is affecting the imp
    on the attribute line that says; Duration ( 9th one down left side ) there will be a number, that is how much longer this effect will last for, if its in the negatives, it will last forever ( every number is 1 second )
    so the easiest way to get rid of it, is just set the duration to 1 and when you save all this and load your game up the disease will last for 1 second and it will be gone
  • virus_foundvirus_found Member Posts: 6
    Thank you so much on the insight.

    Btw this behaviour is very weird, for when I rest and the familiar dies - I don't lose CON and there is even no message that I lose my familiar, opposed to actually having it normally.
    There is no second find familiar scroll at Orrick's, so it's inevitable to use cheats/programs if I want to get rid of this horrendous trap effect. It'd better have just dealt 1000 damage - I would simply load the game :)
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