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Unable to log in on Nintendo Switch

I am unable to log into Arelith on my Nintendo Switch. At first I left my Switch nickname as it was and got the message that there was a mismatch and I need to change my nickname. I then did as instructed and changed my nickname, but the game crashed and I had to close NWN:EE. Upon logging back in, I got the message again about the player ID mismatch.

I decided to try logging into Ravenloft and I was able to log into this server. Oddly enough, I noticed that my player name was the same as my old Switch nickname even though my nickname is still different in my Switch settings. I tried deleting my save date as well as uninstalling and reinstalling NWN:EE and the PW files, but I keep logging into Ravenloft with the first Nickname I had on my Switch regardless of what it is now set to.

It seems like something is now tied to the first Nickname I had on my Switch and it's impossible for me to actually change it in NWN:EE regardless of what my console nickname is now set to. Any attempt to change it will cause NWN to crash. Anyone know what is going on?

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