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Which new SCS spells are good picks for a sorcerer?

Hey everyone,

I'm starting a Sorcerer playthrough (full party, SOA and TOB only) and this is the first time I'll be playing with the SCS spells that were introduced from Icewind Dale - Cat's Grace, Shout, Emotion: Courage, etc. Since I won't be able to experiment with the spells very much (since Sorcerer), I was wondering if I could get some help on which ones I should consider picking and which ones I could just dismiss outright.

I'll also be having a Druid and a Cleric, so if people have good suggestions on which new spells to use regularly with those, that's cool as well. It's not as important as with the sorcerer, obviously, since I can experiment with them, but if there are any new "must-uses" that'd be cool to know because I might just miss them from the description.

Also, one final question - does SCS it add any new Bard-only spells?


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