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console join to pc host

so my kids both have nwn ee on xbox one, me on Pc.
neither xbox can see a multiplayer game i host, but from the Pc i can see and join one they host.
what do i need to do for me to host on the pc and them see and join?
ive been workin on a mod for awhile that id like to host, but want console players to be able to join to.


  • WilliamDracoWilliamDraco Member Posts: 156
    short answer - You can't.

    The console companies did not accept open cross-play due to the unregulated nature of NWN mod content. As a result, PC servers must be specially approved in order to appear for Console players - and there are thus far only two such servers (and unlikely for many, if any, more to be added).

    You can see games they host because you're on PC, and it doesn't care about said "approval".

    Sorry to disappoint, but it's not feasibly possible.

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