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Suggestion: Separate shader settings for water

Update 8193.15 is awesome (thank you!), but in some cases, I'd rather have the shader setting for water on Performance or even minimal, while keeping the rest of the game at High Quality.

My suggestion is to have an additional shader setting specifically for water that can also be set to Minimal, Performance or High Quality, but decoupled from the normal shader quality setting.

The problem is that in some cases, the water's original color is lost or is rather bright compared to the surroundings. See screenshots for examples. They are from Arelith in the underdark:

Minimal: water is a mix of green and turquoise

Performance: water shifts a little further towards turquoise (a neat mix of light and original water color imo)

High Quality: water color is now heavily influenced by light, the original green color is mostly lost and it looks more like regular water than a murky green gloomy sea.


  • SorenSoren Member, Developer Posts: 48
    With the latest development patch, the water light reflection level should now be much more uniform between different settings (and more consistent with the original appearance). Could you verify this? And if you have more feedback, that's of course always appreciated too. Thanks! :)
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