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How does multiplayer work?

I've been trying to get into this game for a while now and I think I'm misunderstanding it.

How do people play this game with others? I imagined I would be able to run through the campaign and leave my server open for people to join me but that doesn't seem possible based on what people are telling me.

What is standard practice for playing this game with other people? Do you have to plan ahead and assemble the same people each time you log onto a campaign? Am I stuck doing the campaign by myself and then just playing around in other people's worlds?

Help me out here. I'm lost.


  • FozzforusFozzforus Member Posts: 20
    SOLVED by some saint on the internet:

    I had to uncheck "enforce legal characters".
  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 172
    edited November 2020
    That's not right... Leaving enforce legal characters checked on will only prevent people using modified characters. If you uncheck that, there is nothing stopping someone joining your game with all thier stats set to 50, and every feat added.

    There are only a very few people who join random games on the internet these days. I still do, (because this was very common practice in the days of my youth and I'm a stubborn old goat.)... But the truth his, over 75% of the games I join, the people 'hosting' them did not expect visitors, and some of them are outright hostile, so It's a frustrating passtime. I think the common thing to do now is solicit players on discord.
  • JynxeJynxe Member Posts: 4
    edited June 2021
    I normally run games called Defiler's Den and anyone with legal chars are welcome. I am usually running threw the oc late nights/early mornings . my discord info is Jynxe#2640 if anyone is down for any games i also play bg to.
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