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Ghoulified NPC

I just realized than Xan is now a ghoul. Cool 25 strength stat, but the 7 intelligence and constitution are bad. Is there any way out of this or do I have to drop him as a party member?


  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,347
    He's probably wearing The Iron Thorn, a cursed ring that gives the appearance of a zombie and a charisma penalty.

    The strength and intelligence/constitution would be something else. Think there might be a potion that does that at the carnival. If it's that it should wear off on its own.

  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 1,786
    edited October 2020
    IIRC the Violet Potion sets Strength to 25, but Constitution and Dexterity to 3.

    Where and when in the game did it happen (or where and when did you discover it)?
    Maybe it's two different things causing it. Any new stat effect icons on his portrait/ in his character sheet?

  • VreejackVreejack Member Posts: 60
    Xan, level three male ghoul enchanter, chaotic evil. He died when I idled in the temple in Nashkel, perhaps killed, I think, in a conflict with a good-aligned member. Resurrection and Raise Dead did not work. Or, they did work, and I paid for them, but Xan remained a dead ghoul. No refunds.

    So I can either reach deep into my bag of savegames or bid Xan "adieu" and wish him well in his further endeavors as a ghoul.

  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 228
    It looks like to me an effect from a mod.

  • VreejackVreejack Member Posts: 60
    It is, indeed, a mod effect. Vampire World, I think. Doubly annoying as the ghoulified character will sometimes just drop dead for reasons, and sometimes cannot be revived. The vampire race is interesting, however, and worth a look.

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