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game crashes on character selection

RaskelfRaskelf Member Posts: 2
Hope you can help me. I bought Nwn EE for Xbox yesterday. I took it home installed it, made a character, . went to join a server to play on (Arelith) when I select my character to play the game just crashes and skips back to the opening page... Im not too technical can anyone help please.. didn't expect to buy a new game and be unable to play it



  • RaskelfRaskelf Member Posts: 2
    Have tried port forwarding . Opened up all ports from 5000 to 65000. Have tried direct connect to my ASOS router . Have even toggled Xbox to my phone for data in case it was virgin blocking it...

    Still get hole punch error..

    Any more suggestions.
    It's not the wireless connection - tested that
    It's not service provider - tested that
    It's not ports - tested that

    Help please I just wanna play


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