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Can't load the game after recovering lost files ANY HELP is appreciated.

jruniojrunio Member Posts: 1
Long story short, I deleted Baldur II EE from my pc because I was pretty addicted to it and needed to get work done. Now that I am free again I really wanted to continue from where I stopped so I tried to recover my lost save files with a software, with apparent success. I recovered the files BALDUR.sav and BALDUR.gam (they were recovered in 100% condition) and installed the game again; I've put the save files in the user directory (since the EE is different) but when I try to load the game on the game itself it doesn't show anything.

So I downloaded EEKeeper to see if the save file could be edited somewhat. EEKeeper recognizes them but when I try to select them it says "Error (1521): Missing GAME signature.". So now I'm totally lost and was wondering if you
guys have any insights in this situation. Many thanks in advance.

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