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Icewind Dale EE, Heart of Winter. Portal in the Jackalwere Caves bug?

six_gun_samuraisix_gun_samurai Member Posts: 5
(X-posted in Troubleshooting.)

So, I want to get out of the Jackalwere caves. I have all the flawless gems, and I put them in the appropriate spots:

Heaven > Flawless Star Sapphire
Day > Flawless Sunstone Gem
Earth > Flawless Diamond Gem
Sea > Flawless Waterstone Gem
Night > Flawless Moonstone Gem

Note that I put them in order per the riddle on the piece of paper found in the chest.

After that, the cut scene starts up showing the portal lighting up...and that's it. There aren't any cues to use a cursor, nor do hitting any of my controller's buttons bring up commands. The scene continues animations showing the portal now lit and glowing, and music plays, but I can't move my characters or do anything.

The only way to stop is a hard quit.

I've tried starting from different saves, but the bug still happens.

Note: I'm playing on a PS4.


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