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NWsync timed out


Every time I try to connect to a server that requires me to use NWsync to download the requisite files, I receive this error after about 21 seconds. I know it's not a firewall issue (note the port number), so I was wondering if there was a work around or if I just can't play online?


  • WilliamDracoWilliamDraco Member Posts: 164
    There might be something in the way that NWSync requests its files that is getting caught by some sort of security (either on your computer or in your router).

    NWSync makes many, many individual http requests for each of the files, many a second with a decent internet connection. Is there a chance that something on your end is misinterpreting the many requests as some sort of DOS attack, or it's otherwise getting rate-limited and therefore getting temporarily blocked/forcing the timeout?

    To be clear, this certainly seems to be a localised issue to your setup, as its generally speaking not an issue.
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