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Best specialisation to pick?

Hey all,

I've always picked Mage at lvl 7 & 12, but I wondered if it wouldn't be more beneficial to pick Fighter? That actually grants you unique abilities (extra weapon proficiencies, resulting in extra attacks).
I do realise that the INT & WIS from Mage are superior attributes in PS:T.

What's your two cents on this?

I remember Quinn fixing TNO keeping his extra attacks from Fighter lvl 7 & 13 when speccing as something else, but I haven't seen this mentioned in the EE version of the mods. Could anyone tell, please?

Thanks in advance!


  • randomZOMBIErandomZOMBIE Member Posts: 1
    I would say fighter it unlocks 4 and 5 weapon proficiency and as far as I know fighter 7 and 12 are the only way to get those, while the extra attributes from mage can be made up elsewhere.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,029
    edited May 4
    Guides typically say to double specialize as a mage, but I personally agree that it's better to grab the unique bonuses offered by double specializing as a fighter. Another minor benefit beyond those noted so far is the fighter-only tattoos, which if memory serves are usable by both Dak'kon and Annah.

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