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Best specialisation to pick?

Hey all,

I've always picked Mage at lvl 7 & 12, but I wondered if it wouldn't be more beneficial to pick Fighter? That actually grants you unique abilities (extra weapon proficiencies, resulting in extra attacks).
I do realise that the INT & WIS from Mage are superior attributes in PS:T.

What's your two cents on this?

I remember Quinn fixing TNO keeping his extra attacks from Fighter lvl 7 & 13 when speccing as something else, but I haven't seen this mentioned in the EE version of the mods. Could anyone tell, please?

Thanks in advance!


  • randomZOMBIErandomZOMBIE Member Posts: 1
    I would say fighter it unlocks 4 and 5 weapon proficiency and as far as I know fighter 7 and 12 are the only way to get those, while the extra attributes from mage can be made up elsewhere.
  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,083
    edited May 2021
    Guides typically say to double specialize as a mage, but I personally agree that it's better to grab the unique bonuses offered by double specializing as a fighter. Another minor benefit beyond those noted so far is the fighter-only tattoos, which if memory serves are usable by both Dak'kon and Annah.
  • LaelapsLaelaps Member Posts: 10
    edited June 2021
    Mage is the best because it favors intelligence and wisdom, which allow you to unlock pretty much the entire game content and quests in one playthrough. You shouldn't care about combat, it's pretty easy in Torment anyway. Mage with two proficiency points in daggers (Ravel's Fingernail) and 9 strength / constitution with minimal spellcasting to help can take on pretty much anything in the game (I was playing on Insane difficulty and never had issues) - of course with the help of some tank team member.

    I usually start the game with 18 WIS (for bonus to XP gains), 17 INT and 14 CHA, then after slightly pumping WIS, CHA and INT you pretty much can unlock every quest and interaction. Also being a mage unlocks some interesting dialogue options in several places; being a fighter pretty much gives you much less in terms of the game content.
  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,325
    As with many things in PS:T, I would say it all comes down to your personal preferences. I vastly prefer playing as a Mage (spellcasting is just my thing, plus I adore the extra XP and tons of other hidden secrets/dialogue you can unlock with high Int/Wis), but it is true that unlocking the Fighter specializations gives you a unique advantage in that you can pump extra weapon proficiencies beyond 2, AND these proficiencies remain even if you swap back to Mage, so theoretically you could have a Mage TNO with Grandmastery in Daggers. Couple that with buff spells that increase your effectiveness in combat like Power of One, Zerthimon's Focus etc. and you can have a Mage that can sling spells and still be extremely lethal in a fight.
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