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How about this Shaman party idea?

I've installed Argent77's improved shaman mod and was toying with how to maximize my party around a mainchar shaman. I'd build all my fighting companions to be ranged/melee hybrids in order use my Dance summons more often as meatheads and damage while my party peppers them ranged (but with the ability to switch to melee).

Anomen on sling/ dual wield flails
Keldorn on Xbow/Carsomyr
Mainchar shaman
Haer'Dalis on Gesen/Dual shortswords (and in later levels, enhanced Bard Song for my Dance summons. perhaps some occasional Vhailor bardsong cheese too)
Jan as thief, backup arcane
Edwin because well.. Edwin

I'm not above using EEKeeper to finesse unwanted weapon proficiencies to make this work better. The whole idea is going to use 1 scout to draw mobs back into my waiting pre-buffed death storm of summons, traps, spells, ranged. Anything that gets through this will have Anomen, keldorn, and Haer'Dalis ready to switch to melee weapons. I muddled over numerous ways to maximize the effectiveness of a mainchar Shaman and this is my best idea so far. With Argent's mod installed that'll give me those higher summons at level 24 as well

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