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Running 2 servers with the same server vault folder/path

I have been experimenting with ActivatePortal(object, string, string, string, int).

My router settings are correct for both computers and have different ports assigned to each server.

I have successfully hosted 2 servers on 2 separate computers but they do not share the same server vault so when I port to the other server (obviously by clicking an object with an ActivatePortal script in the onused slot) the create new character screen comes up and I am not able to use the character I ported with.

I have also tried running 2 servers on the same PC but both servers have issues with the onused slot of objects and clicking an object does nothing. I have had both servers working once by restarting both several times but obviously if they don't work after the initial start something is wrong.

I have tried searching on google but there isn't any information that states how to do this.

How can I run 2 modules on 2 servers and share the same server vault?
Is it possible to add a line to the settings.tml file for a server vault path?

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