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Imoen at Spellhold is level 24

Think it's due to me removing exp cap with tweaks anthology. I have tried adjusting the level cap on it but she is still at 24 with level 5 spells.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction to editing her level down to something more appropriate?



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,455
    what level do you want to set her to?

    you could try using the console and summoning in 2 different versions of her;

    C:CreateCreature("imoen21") ( this summons her with 400 000 XP )
    C:CreateCreature("imoen23") ( this summons her with 1 200 000 XP )

    if you are using EE keeper what you could do is set her level to 1 and then set her XP to the value you want ( so say you want her to be level 11 you could set her XP to 500 000 - she needs 375 000 for level 11 and 750 000 for level 12 )

    then when you load the game up she will be ready to grow to whatever level her new XP value is and in theory all her class benefits ( like saving throws and spells per day, thac0 and such ) should set themselves to the appropriate level when she level ups

    the only caveats that i can think of with this is though, is that you will have to change her HP back because she will no doubt get HP for those level ups, so it would make more sense for her to have say 66 HP at level 11 ( or whatever she had by default ) as apposed to 100 or so from those "fake" level ups, and also she might gain more proficiencies from that level up as well which in theory she shouldn't gain so you will have to watch out for that to ( but you can always use EE keeper to fix those )

  • RenquistRenquist Member Posts: 5
    Thanks I appreciate your help.

    Was able to figure it out with EE keeper.

  • SirBuliwyfSirBuliwyf Member Posts: 137
    edited January 4
    I’ve come across the same thing.

    I’m on iPad so no access to SK.

    I’m concerned if I create a new version of Imoen using the console and boot out lvl 24 Imoen for her it will somehow screw things up.

    Those create creature commands don’t work anyway. Sigh

  • SirBuliwyfSirBuliwyf Member Posts: 137
    I got create creature to work but it’s Imoen211, not imoen21. Anyway. In she came with the correct xp but she is still lvl 24. :(

  • SirBuliwyfSirBuliwyf Member Posts: 137
    Here's how I solved it for anyone else who might read this.
    Being on iPad I can't just use EE Keeper to fix things. However, I was able to copy the imoen211 creature file on my PC, name it imoensh and open that in EE Keeper on my PC.
    I then made changes to that file to correct imoen to what she should be (well what i actually wanted her to be, a Swashbuckler Dual Classed at a higher level).
    I then saved it in my override folder and followed the normal process shown elsewhere for getting that override folder onto my iPad.
    I then used the console to pull in that creature. She immediately talked to me (as imoen does when you find her in SH) and i had her join me, replacing the previous imoen. It seems to be working okay.

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