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Disappearing Emmerich

kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,371
I have played the game amny, many times and never had a problem with the Emmerich quest until this time
I've been attacked by Emmerich in werewolf form, bashed him a bit till he went into ordinary wolf form and ran away. I most definitely did NOT kill him! Now, I can't find Emmerich as human in order to complete the quest. I tried returning to his cabin emmediately, and then tried resting in the Inn before going to the cabin and neither worked.
I thought maybe I had forgotten and had to come back in after completing a bit more of the main quest so went off to the Gloomfrost. On returning from the Gloomfrost - not joy, and no Emmerich.
Next I tried going to the cabin, and importing all the three versions of Emmerich I could find in the EE Keeper creature list - and none of these worked.
Lastly I checked my global variables - Emmerich Quest = 1. I tried chaning this to 2, and then 3 with no luck.
I've got no reference to the werewolf encounter in my journal, but can't remember if there should be one. I'd quite like to get the XP, and also buy some more ammo.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,453
    hokay, lets try this;

    summon this one in;


    then you will need to set some globals;


    then talk to emmerich, now hopefully with that set it should bring up the convo of;

    Welcome back. Any news about our killer wolf?

    ( If this line above doesn't trigger the first time, try talking to him again and reset those globals, because one of the triggers is that you have to have talked to him at least once )

    then when you finally get the Welcome back. Any news about our killer wolf line

    there should be a response that says;

    We fought off a creature that was stalking the streets at night. We believe it was a werewolf, and that it is the one behind the murders in the town.

    then keep clicking on the top dialogue choices i believe and eventually holmes will figure out that he is the wolf and then you say you will help him out and all that jazz and hopefully everything should continue as normal

  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,371
    edited December 2020
    Many thanks @sarevok57! I'd figured out summoning Emmerich and the first global (Emmerich Quest) but not the second. I'll try that now :)
    Damn ... it still doesn't work. However I realised that Gloomfrost doesn't take that long, and went right back to before I saw the were-wolf, and just did it all again. Those 800,000+ XP are definitely worth it.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,453
    yeah usually i make sure to never see the werewolf at night doing that quest, i find that it can mess it up at times

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