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LAN Multiplayer local server - unable to verify your password

Hello, I bought NWN EE with my friend and we have two original different cd keys. If we
want to play a local LAN mulitplayergame, we still get this message by joining the server:

The game server that you are connecting to was unable to verify your password. The game server has opted to not allow players to join unless their password can be verified. Please try again later

Does anybody has an idea?


  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 129
    More information would help best, in this scenario. Were you using a password, and you entered it? No password? Did you try testing with a password?

    Windows, Mac, Linux?
    Steam, Beamdog Client, GOG?

    Original Campaigns? Premium Module? Custom Module?

    Have both of you been able to join games online?

    Are you both playing the game, and, one of you hosted, and the other one joined, and only that person got the message? Did you use the nwserver.exe program to host a game, and then both of you joined, and both of you got that message?

    More information would not only help if it is a password based problem, as described, but there are also times when problems don't have a situation that the developers expected, and manually created a message for.

    Every error has to be anticipated, and put into the game in such a way that it pops up when the imagined problem happens. If there isn't an error message for the exact problem, often the closest error message will get used instead, even if it isn't accurate.

  • RoterRaecherRoterRaecher Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply.
    We use Windows 7 64bit und the game was bought from GOG. We installed it and want to play offline, only the original campaigns.

    We create a new multiplayer game without any password, only the standard setting. The problem is the same like we try it with the nwserver.exe. If we loading a campaign with the nwserver.exe we can see the server name in the "LAN List" but we can't join. We get the named error message.
    What I noticed, I see only the servername not Modulename, Player, PvP, Sync

    On the same computer we startet the old version of Neverwinter Nights (not the enhanced edition) and there is no problem, we can join the multiplayer game. So I think we have no problem with the network setting.

    We reinstalled it and checked everything. There was no error in the installation wizard

    Our Version number: v81.8193.16 (ed828c00)

    I can't find any log files with more information. Is it possible to turn on trace logs or something else?

    Best regards

  • vonstormvonstorm Member Posts: 55
    Also running into this. It doesn't ask for a password, just flat out refuses. If I had to guess its in the in file somewhere as I had the not recognizing name error before that, and clicked use as default to make it work. If Beamdog could sort this out it would be appreciated.

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