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dm_login feature and party membership

We sometimes use the dm_login feature to teleport infrequent players to us in our ongoing multiplayer game, rather than having to run and catch up with us.

Once I enter dm mode in this way, I can't see the party avatars on the right anymore, which sounds like it's expected based on the release notes from when this feature was added. Once I exit dm mode (dm_logout), I still don't see the avatars on the right, although from right clicking on my avatar, it would seem I am still part of the party (e.g., there is an option to leave party, which doesn't work, but is there).

Would be great to use this feature but it is a bit of a pain to save, have everyone exit the game and get back in so the party is normal again.

I don't think it was like this when dm_login was first implemented, but it has been this way for me for a while. I feel like I am missing something. Any ideas?

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