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Full Screen Issue

Hello, I've been trying to find a solution, but to no avail. All of a sudden, BG:EE refuses to start in full screen. I've tried most of the posts I've found, which involve making adjustments to the LUA file. Nothing works.

I've tried ALT+ENT, changing the in game gem ingame to Full Screen, changed the Windowed mode from 0 to 1 in the LUA, modified the W/H for resolution (1920/1080 - this also resets to 1022 or something). Any change I make to the LUA is changed once I restart the game. I've even tried changing the font, and making adjustments in the compatibility tab for DPI. I've also attempted to delete the LUA files from both folders and I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game 2-3 times. I've ensured my Documents folder isn't set to read only, and I see the save stick when modifying and reopening to validate.

Any help or guidance is appreciated. It just happened randomly yesterday morning. Game was working like a champ until then. I always play the game in full screen and have never switched it to windowed mode. I'm running Windows 10, and I'd post my LUA, but like I said, it keeps changing after I save it and reboot the game.



  • BNOJamsBNOJams Member Posts: 1
    Yeah, this is a thing that's happening and I don't get it either. The game switches to a Windowed screen that's hard-fixed; all attempts to change the settings do nothing, it just always goes to windowed on every startup.

    The only answer has been to uninstall, restart laptop, re-install, remod with the UFB patch, add saved games back in and play full screen for a number of times, before it does the weird windowed version thing again...

    It would be great for a really smart person to find an answer to this, Planescape is worth it. Love this game.

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