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I want to solo the game with a fighter/thief that is melee what should I do with it


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,072
    Longswords in my opinion with maces or flails as a secondary weapon when you fight foes with slashing resistance. If approaching your character from a purely powergaming point of view then half-orc for 19 strength. I'd also personally consider fighter/mage/thief rather than fighter/thief, you won't lose much THAC0 and will be much stronger defensively with mage buffs like mirror image and stoneskin, and also much stronger offensively through disables and summoning spells.
  • inethineth Member Posts: 636
    Benkreutz wrote: »
    what should I do with it

    Backstab enemies. A lot.
    In many encounters, you'll be able to sneak in using stealth and one-shot a single enemy (e.g. a nasty Orc Shaman leading a group of Orc Warriors) with a backstab before the actual fight starts.
    In some cases, you'll even be able to run back out of sight of the enemies, go to stealth again, and do a second backstab.

    To use the Stealth ability effectively, put thieving skill points into both Move Silently and Hide In Shadows on level-ups until you reach 100 in both.

    (But spare some points for Open Locks and Find / Disarm Traps - you'll want to have those over 90 by the late-game, too.)

    Make sure to use weapon types that support backstabbing (Long Sword, Short Sword, Katana, Scimitar, Wakizashi, Ninja-To, Dagger, Club, Quarter Staff). I second @jsaving's recommendation of Long Sword - they're the best weapon type in the game as far as item availability is concerned.

    As for weapon styles, dual-wielding will maximize your damage output. (But only once you've got 2 points in dual-wielding. Before that, wielding a single Long Sword makes more sense.)
  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 920
    Not present the bug anymore, when stealth all enemies cover you and is hard to land a backstab ?
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