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Problem with Druid Grove quest

Hello all, I have an issue with the Druid Grove quest. Its the first time I have this problem, have a druid in my party or not. I speak with Faldorn, in the Druid Grove and as I expect then to start the ritual and the fight with her, my screen just froze their. Nothing happen, every character, npc, my party, everyone just stand at their spots. All action bars disappear, cursor vanish, nothing. Any advice or help please?
Thank you in advance


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,396
    There's a cutscene there; you're supposed to lose control while it's happening. Then something glitched, and the cutscene script couldn't find the next thing to do. It happens sometimes, though I've only encountered it in ToB myself.

    What you can do ...
    Try hitting escape. That skips through cutscenes (in the EE) and might break the blockage. Or maybe not.
    If that didn't work, force quit, then come back and reload from a recent save. There should be an autosave from right before.
    If the problem persists even after loading from a save, then we look to see if the problem is something in the save. That sort of thing is what the troubleshooting forum is for, and there are instructions there on how to upload a save so people can take a look and maybe fix things.

  • DaechirDaechir Member Posts: 13
    Thank you a lot for your quick response. I will try to do what you suggest and see, take care.

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