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Just woke up in Ducal palace in multiplayer and Safana/Khalid stayed in my party!?

So we just got back to the Ducal palace and Imoen woke me up...and Safana and Khalid are still in my party. They were controlled by the other player in our multiplayer game, so that's likely why, but is this intended behavior? Is it going to break anything? I haven't played the game before so I'm trying to avoid any spoilers, but the dialogue still says that Safana is in the Elfsong and the Jahiera and Khalid are up north. I do that in single player you are supposed to wake up alone.

We can't check what happens if/when we get to where Khalid is supposed to be...but we went to the Elfsong and a cut scene played that showed Safana arguing with Coran. Our character list showed Safana as still in our party, but she had become neutral and we couldn't control her. The only way to fix it was to press Ctrl+K on her to kick her out of the party, then we could initiate dialogue and she rejoined the party with the gear she was previously wearing.

I'm worried that if/when we get to where Khalid is supposed to be that it might break the game in some way. Has anyone else experienced this?

Should we just load a save from right before the Ducal palace and and set all the players to the hosts control so that none of them appear in the palace?
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