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nwn:EE infinite dungeons and base_2da.bif

Hello all.
How to force nwn:EE infinite dungeons to see edited base_2da.bif? Original campaign and my modules see it.
Or how to edit base item properties in infinite dungeons? Preferable an external file located in override.

Additional questions. How to make an item to command the summoned monsters to move\attack? Easy script for it.
How to remove XP penalty with summoned\followers (henchman) in party?Preferable as file for override.
P.S. English is not my native lang)


  • FelcasterFelcaster Member Posts: 3
    edited January 23
    Solved. Need to open "id_resources.hak" in "nwhak.exe" and edit "baseitems.2da".
    If someone needs to change the possible enchantments on infinite dungeons items, they need to edit "itemprops.2da".
    I have in mind next fixes:
    DELETED: *Damage_Immunity *Damage_Reduction *Spell_School_Immunity *Immunity_to_Spells_by_Level
    ONLY FOR: _Arm_Shld_Helm_Gloves: *Damage_Resistance *Immunity *Spell_Immunity
    weap: *Enhancement_Bonus *Damage_Bonus *Keen_Blade *Massive_Criticals *Vampiric_Regeneration
    Ammo: *Damage_Bonus *Vampiric_Regeneration
    Ranged: *Attack_Bonus *Mighty *Unlimited_Ammunition *Massive_Criticals
    Gloves: + *Damage_Bonus *Attack_Bonus

    I still need info how to edit possible value of enchantments (critical for Damage_Reduction/Resistance). I did not find it in "inc_id_itemprop inc_id1_prop" in .nwm file.

    Share your opinions about item enchants in this module).

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  • FelcasterFelcaster Member Posts: 3
    edited January 22
    Double post sry

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