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Which playable race in BG series, fits best Tauren from World of Warcraft lore ?.

Xar105Xar105 Member Posts: 107
Hey guys. Like in title, which playable race in BG fits best Tauren race from WoW ?. I have this question cuz i think to make full BG series run, and i like find similar race to tauren. I mean about character, culture and spiritual bound/devout. Thx for answer.

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  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,330
    Tauren are an honor bound tribal race, right?

    The dwarves probably suit the honor aspect the most in their culture, but the orcs are the tribal choice.

    You don't tend to have both honor and tribes at the same time in The Realms, unless you're a human barbarian that looks like you came straight out of an Aryan propaganda poster.

  • Xar105Xar105 Member Posts: 107
    Maybe i wrote this little wrong. I looking for race who is like tauren (chill guy, little pacifist, but if situation is bad, they can protect ourself and close one, very strong spiritual/devout connection with strong familiy/ tribe union. Who don`t look for fame or glory, but they enjoy life in peace. They are little suspicious, but very proud and have honor. Is willing to help if it`s needed, and if you know him well, he can become your best friend. This is a very conservative and traditional guy.

    And yes, as long i think about taurens, as I come to the conclusion that dwarf fits pretty close. And sry for my english :D.

  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,330
    Yeah, dwarf seems like what you wanna go for there.

    The chill pacifist stuff is more halfling culture generally, but dwarves value spirituality and family very heavily. Big on tradition too.

    Keep in mind that you're free to draw outside the lines a little bit too. While dwarves aren't known for their chill as a culture, you as an individual might be particularly mellow. Or while halflings as a culture aren't known as being spectacularly devout, you as an individual might be a religious sort.

    If you have the Siege of Dragonspear expansion, you might wanna go in there and play the Dwarves of Dumathoin questline. As you'd expect from the name, it's pretty dwarf heavy. It's pretty early in the campaign and it might give you a feel for whether you like what you're working with here.

  • Xar105Xar105 Member Posts: 107
    @Chronicler thx for answer. I like to hear more opinion about topic.

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