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Orb of Abrogation PW - Rebuilt for NWN:EE - Active Again

For those that remember playing on OOA nearly twenty years ago, the PW has finally completed the biggest technical hurdles for moving it to NWN:EE, including new hosting servers on Fiber Optic, website redesign, quest fix/updates and area updates along with the usual contest that included real-world prizes (not just in-game stuff) and a more hands-off approach to player management.

For those that remember, OOA was the hybrid place to go between casual RP, intense quest RP and just good ole' relaxing hack n' slash when everyone needed something to do for a quick hour of fun player bonding. The players continue to help to build the extended history, pantheon, and legends within the OOA world for years. The hopes are with a more permanent home server, all the magic that made OOA such a great place can return for players old and new alike including second generation players o:)

Find the server in the game list as "Orb of Abrogation" or Direct connect to the server IP of
Website has moved from the old to now.

Thanks everyone!

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