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The dialog/inventory windows should be bigger plus the 8 characters

FelipefplFelipefpl Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 86
The msg says it all, beamdog did everything nice (except the new bugs :P ) but the dialog window in PST is too small, add that to the letters we gotta make bigger to avoid forcing our eyes and the dialog window becomes even smaller than it was before, we should be able to resize dialog/inventory just like we are able to do with any window from Windows/Unix/etc, this saves us from A LOT and i mean, A LOT of unnecessary scrolling.

The 8 characters is SURELY a need, a limit of characters might perhaps be necessary in baldur's gate due to the big number of characters but not torment, we should be able to play with everyone till the end.


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,298
    Party-size limits in D&D games is usually done for game balance reasons. I personally do like to run with larger parties (6-8 is my ideal, although 8 is kinda pushing it), but the more party members you have, the easier the game will be. I WOULD have liked to be able to bring all the PS:T companions with you, for banter reasons alone if nothing else, but the way the IE games were coded means that increasing party size would require substantial changes to the game's base code.

    Totally agreed that a bigger font and text window would be grand though.
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