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Cat Quest Glitch

I have a problem with the cat quest. It isn't the usual "I can't find them" or "It's so frustrating when they jump out of my pack" so pretty please read the next paragraph before replying ;) (pretty pretty please with brandy whipped cream and a cherry on top)

I can find them, and have "caught" them easily enough. The problem is that every single time I leave the Wild Forest, and go to the Hidden Refuge the cats jump out of my pack immediately and then race inside the refuge to end up near Bared Ding. The cats totally ignore the cat food, even after they've returned to their Daddy. Bared Ding doesn't recognize they have come back. This happens to 100% of the cats 100% of the time, and as I said I have no way of catching them again so it is a glitch not a game feature.

What I'd really like is if someone could give me the Global or Local variable to finish the quest. I don't really want the reward, but I'd rather Ding doesn't die.

btw I've spent wayyy to long today trying to do a quest I've already finished many times before so cheating rather than fixing the glitch seems perfectly reasonable to me >:)


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,550
    The cats are supposed to run like that, and Barad Ding only recognizes the difference between "all" and "not all".
    You don't need to find all eight cats in one trip; they're tracked persistently.

    The variables checked for Barad Ding's quest-completing dialogue:
    - ohn_barad_plot. Global, should be 2 throughout.
    - ohn_found_cats. Local to area oh6100, should be 8 when you complete the quest.

  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,371
    @jmerry Many thanks for the reply - I got there ... eventually. It's been years since I last played Neera, so I'd forgotten that quirk. It isn't obvious at all that this is supposed to happen, so thats another annoying thing about this ulimately annoying quest ( and I really, really love real cats!)

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