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Android 10 Samsung J4

Hello I've bought and downloaded neverwinter nights for android. It downloaded well from the play store but when I enter the app it just never starts downloading the game. What could be the problem. I have more than enough space.


  • Lavandina1Lavandina1 Member Posts: 8
    Found a possible problem. Since I've tried to download several times from the Google play I always have the same issue. I've checked the app permissions and apparently is lacking rights to manage storage. AND I can't give them. I'd this is correct the problem lies with the app itself.
    here are the photograph and one of another different game that DOES correctly has the permission.
  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 933
    On my Google device with Android 8.0.0, NWN downloads the game with no problems, even though it has no permissions. Have you checked that Google Play Services and Google Play Games have Storage permission? I'm guessing that NWN uses one of those.
  • Lavandina1Lavandina1 Member Posts: 8
    I have android 10
    it justs sits there and does nothing. what a pitty
  • Lavandina1Lavandina1 Member Posts: 8
    Problem is fixed I used the 4g phone connection. No idea what was wrong with wifi because it works just fine in other apps
  • Lavandina1Lavandina1 Member Posts: 8
    It's me again. Found the problem for anyone having the same. CHECK YOUR WIFI SETTINGS ON ANDROID TO UNMETERED, Don't leave them on metered or auto.
    Never noticed a problem with any other app, it's on the advance settings for your wifi.

    That's all.
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